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  • TrustSafe iEnigmator

    Are you considering how to connect IBM Domino with Java/mobile applications? Top Level’s iEnigmator is a middleware, which can connect Domino with Java and/or mobile applications. It follows database access right of your Domino and can also:


    ► Search and get mail in specified mailbox

    ► Search contact list in Domino Directory

    ► Send Notes mail

    ► Send internet mail

    ► Export contacts from Domino directory

    ► Get mail list in in-box of specified mailbox

    ► Search/get/update document in specified database


    iEnigmator Jconnector (Java API) will be provided for easy system integration.


    Advantages of using iEnigmator:


    ► Bridge up and smoothen communication between Java and Domino

    ► Serve multiple Java applications

    ► Support High Availability

    ► Easy integration – iEnigmator Jconnector (Java API) will be provided

    ► As a channel for Mobile App to connect to Domino


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