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  • TrustSafe Enigmator on Notes

    TrustSafe Enigmator is a client based security ema il product running on Notes platforms . It protects the sensitive corporate information and document from captured in the network, accessed directly on t he mail server, and recovered from backup storage. It enables user to send secure email by signing and sending to the recipients in an encrypted email. It ensures content integrity including file attachment, mail security and user privacy in the electronic transmission.


    TrustSafe Mail Channel

    For situations in which corporation targets to manipulate email flows without alerting sender(s)/recipient(s), TrustsafeSafe Email Compliance Manager can:


    Route those emails to other parties

    Auto copy/forward those emails to other internal parties


    TrustSafe MailProtect

    Mail Protect can safeguard confidential outbound emails by multi-tier protection:

    Level 1 - Prevent data loss in man-in-the-middle attack. That send outbound email attachments in form of a password-protected zip file.

    Level 2 - Prevent malicious / accidential forward of emails to wrong hands. That send outbound email as a hyperlink.


    TrustSafe Mail Blockage

    For corporation which requires to skip some internal parties for being in the loop of some senitive emails, Mail Blockage will centrally block illegitimate emails for the target parties. Mail Blockage will alert corresponding manager(s) for further action in case of non-compliant behaviour occurs.


    TrustSafe Audit Trail

    TrustSafe Audit Trail is a native HCL Domino add-in tasks to track life cycle of all object and operation activities within Domino environment


    Tracks and monitors all e-mail messages and associated events - send, receive, open, update, delete, route, undelivered and illegal open

    Log ACL changes of any databases and Domino Directory

    Monitor database's document, agent and design element changes

    Log database's document, agent and design element changes

    Bulk Action Detection

    Summary Reports and Statistic Reports

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