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Messaging Control
  • Confidential Messaging
  • Email Compliance Management
  • Outbound Email Control
  • Electronic messaging has long been the most important means of communication for corporations. Yet, it is the major channel for data loss, either accidentally or intentionally.


    Leakage of confidential or sensitive information to the wrong hands or even to the public is a catastrophe to any corporation. It could lead to reputation damage, customer loss, financial damages, legal issues – just to name a few…


    Our complete PKI-based messaging control solutions aim to enable true protection against both external thefts as well as insider leakage.


    Confidential Messaging

    Our Confidential Messaging solutions support cross-platform operations to enable great mobility and efficiency for employees, yet without losing control on security of sensitive data. We provide advanced signing and encryption solutions against man-in-the-middle attacks and other security threats.


    Email Compliance Management

    Our Email Compliance Management solution is here to help ensure proper email distribution and exchange within an organization and that prompt actions can be taken against incompliance.


    With our highly flexible TrustSafe Email Compliance Manager, we allow users to set and alter email workflow with a few clicks for optimal efficiency and effective management.


    Outbound Email Control

    To prevent leakage of confidential information or sensitive personal data through illegitimate or improper outbound email transmission, we offer Outbound Email Control solution to plug the hole of leakage and give you a good night sleep.